Titanium Rings: Facts and Myths

Ever heard the story of a bridegroom who could not find a perfect ring for his fiancee? Yes, he could never get a suitable piece for his lover and the blame was on the myths he had heard and the truth he had missed about a number of items of jewellery . The story was never concluded on what he ended up doing. Forgetting his plight, what do you know about titanium rings that will make you buy or leave them alone? On my part I have heard that they will not come off easily during emergencies (never had an emergency to remove mine though but my jeweller assured me I can get it out when I want). You might have also heard that they never scratch. But one thing we cannot doubt is that titanium is stronger than most of other metals in its league. But there are lots of other claims that you may not know clearly whether to categorize them as true or false.

These unfounded (or even founded) claims stir your interest to know the truth and lies about titanium trinkets. In such a case, let’s lay it bare on the facts and myths about titanium rings and know whether this is the kind of ring you would want on your finger you on you or hers;

You can’t resize a titanium ring

Once in a time, you will need your ring resized. It may be frightening to hear that you cannot resize your million-dollar titanium ring. But relax; this is both true and false. Don’t be confused by the intended oxymoron. True because heavy titanium used to make rings cannot be melted to fully resize a ring. On the other hand, it is false because experienced jewellers can resize them by scraping out some solid from the inner side to your desired size. This way you can have the size expanded by half of the original fit. If you want more than this size then you have to invest in a brand new piece.

Scratch or dent? Not Titanium, or so they say

This one has been a good selling message that has duped many buyers and to be honest I fell for it. But do not feel embarrassed if you bought a titanium ring believing that it will never get a scratch or dent. Titanium is harder than gold, silver and the rest of the pack. It will thus take more pressure to scratch or dent. Mine has never been scratched and it is not because I do take good care of it; I do menial jobs with it on my finger.

When emergencies strike your titanium ring will be a blow

It is scaring to hear that during emergencies you may have to cut off your finger to remove your titanium ring! May be this is what the bridegroom who never got a ring for his fiancee was told. It is not true at all. This only makes reference to the fact that titanium is stronger than any of the other metals. With the right equipment, your titanium ring will be easily removed when you desire it so.

No allergic reactions from a titanium ring

This is not a myth at all; it is the truth. Top quality titanium is hypoallergenic. If you get allergic reactions from the likes of silver and gold then your abode is in titanium. However, low grade titanium alloys do not come with that guarantee so be sure that you buy the best quality.

You cannot engrave a titanium ring

Any metal you know of can be engraved. So this is a myth with no grounds at all. You can have your titanium ring engraved when and how you want it engraved. What this means is that titanium may not be easy to engrave as compared to other more malleable metals like gold. It is stronger and harder but will nonetheless be engraved to your liking. You can have all you want engraved on your ring and any jeweller will be willing to do it.

As you get close to your marriage or proposal, you know all the myths and facts about titanium rings. They are strong and a couple of other good attributes make them a better pick than the rest. Make your pick and you deserve happy matrimony!

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