Tungsten Rings are Bulletproof: True or False?

Tungsten Bulletproof

Not long ago, my friend of many years was finally getting married and he wanted me in every step of planning. He needed me to help him find the best ring (given that I was married years before). I will not bore you with the rest of the details but what I heard about tungsten rings kept resonating in my mind. Someone said that tungsten rings are bulletproof. Well, I did not know whether this was true or not but it really stirred my thinking and I had to find out the truth.

Whether it is true or not, the rings were virtually flying out of stock. But I’m sorry to disappoint you. Tungsten rings are not bulletproof. To be honest, there is a tempting edge for anyone to buy these kinds of rings but believing tungsten to be invincible is misleading. We ended up buying for my friend tungsten ring but not because it was bulletproof but because it was what he wanted for his matrimony vow.

Giving tungsten its due

Are you familiar with the phrase “giving the devil his due”? It is true that tungsten is the hardest metal in the world (you thought diamond is the hardest). It is the least likely to get a scratch or even a dent making it a top priority for anyone who wants to have a ring that will survive for years without a single scratch. There is a popular joke that a blockbuster would not break a tungsten ring after passing over it 100 times. As much as that might not be true, tungsten is hard enough to withstand pressure that no other metal may endure.

When other metals will bend and restrict blood flow on your finger after impact, a tungsten ring will stand the pressure or break leaving your finger safe. During emergency, tungsten rings will be easily cut with the appropriate equipment and you do not have anything to be afraid of. There is the popular myth that you cannot have tungsten ring cut but now you know better.

The Flaws in tungsten rings

There is never a thing or something without a negative side. Even angels have a dark side if you are religious. It so happens that the hardest metals have a flaw in that they are brittle. They are so strong yet they will break when massive force is applied on them. No wonder diamond can be cut and reshaped as one wishes. Your tungsten may not scratch when you drop it but will shatter when it hits hard on rough surfaces. If you have been keen, you may have heard of the name tungsten carbide. What this means is that carbon is added to tungsten to deal with the brittleness. Even though carbon does not make it shatter-free, this is something you should know as you make your purchase.

In most cases, your tungsten will not scratch after a fall on a hard surface. In some unfortunate cases it will shatter or break and you will need another one(knowing that it is not cheap to purchase another piece you will avoid such an outcome). Just for precaution, do not wear it as you hit your bathroom and you will have it for many years.

Buy a tungsten ring or not?

The ring you end up buying comes down to your preferences or at least what your fiancée wants before she says I do. But to be honest, tungsten rings have earned a place among the favorite choices. It is the strongest possible metal you will ever come across. It will only scratch or dent under massive pressure and that is worthy investing in. With all these unrivaled attributes you do not have any reason why you should invest in one of the tungsten rings. The flaws are negligible and way below the benefits that comes with a tungsten trinket. My friend is now married and he has the ring without any dent or scratch. He recounts how my help came in handy and I have his thanks even today.

Whether to buy it or not; I would counsel that you go for it. As long as you certify that it is the right quality, be assured you have a worth piece. Tungsten rings may not be bulletproof but there are so many positive attributes about them.

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