Titanium Rings: Facts and Myths

Ever heard the story of a bridegroom who could not find a perfect ring for his fiancee? Yes, he could never get a suitable piece for his lover and the blame was on the myths he had heard and the truth he had missed about a number of items of jewellery . The story was never concluded on what he ended up doing. Forgetting his plight, what do you know about titanium rings that will make you buy or leave them alone? On my part I have heard that they will not come off easily during emergencies (never had an emergency to remove mine though but my jeweller assured me I can get it out when I want). You might have also heard that they never scratch. But one thing we cannot doubt is that titanium is stronger than most of other metals in its league. But there are lots of other claims that you may not know clearly whether to categorize them as true or false.

These unfounded (or even founded) claims stir your interest to know the truth and lies about titanium trinkets. In such a case, let’s lay it bare on the facts and myths about titanium rings and know whether this is the kind of ring you would want on your finger you on you or hers;

You can’t resize a titanium ring

Once in a time, you will need your ring resized. It may be frightening to hear that you cannot resize your million-dollar titanium ring. But relax; this is both true and false. Don’t be confused by the intended oxymoron. True because heavy titanium used to make rings cannot be melted to fully resize a ring. On the other hand, it is false because experienced jewellers can resize them by scraping out some solid from the inner side to your desired size. This way you can have the size expanded by half of the original fit. If you want more than this size then you have to invest in a brand new piece.

Scratch or dent? Not Titanium, or so they say

This one has been a good selling message that has duped many buyers and to be honest I fell for it. But do not feel embarrassed if you bought a titanium ring believing that it will never get a scratch or dent. Titanium is harder than gold, silver and the rest of the pack. It will thus take more pressure to scratch or dent. Mine has never been scratched and it is not because I do take good care of it; I do menial jobs with it on my finger.

When emergencies strike your titanium ring will be a blow

It is scaring to hear that during emergencies you may have to cut off your finger to remove your titanium ring! May be this is what the bridegroom who never got a ring for his fiancee was told. It is not true at all. This only makes reference to the fact that titanium is stronger than any of the other metals. With the right equipment, your titanium ring will be easily removed when you desire it so.

No allergic reactions from a titanium ring

This is not a myth at all; it is the truth. Top quality titanium is hypoallergenic. If you get allergic reactions from the likes of silver and gold then your abode is in titanium. However, low grade titanium alloys do not come with that guarantee so be sure that you buy the best quality.

You cannot engrave a titanium ring

Any metal you know of can be engraved. So this is a myth with no grounds at all. You can have your titanium ring engraved when and how you want it engraved. What this means is that titanium may not be easy to engrave as compared to other more malleable metals like gold. It is stronger and harder but will nonetheless be engraved to your liking. You can have all you want engraved on your ring and any jeweller will be willing to do it.

As you get close to your marriage or proposal, you know all the myths and facts about titanium rings. They are strong and a couple of other good attributes make them a better pick than the rest. Make your pick and you deserve happy matrimony!

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Men Wedding Rings History at a glance

Do you ever sit down and wonder where the culture of men wearing rings came from? Of course you know the meaning of having a ring on your finger but many men do not know where it all came from or began. But did you know that only women wore wedding bands and men wore nothing at all?

For a start, the culture of men wearing rings is way younger than what many of us think. It is no wonder that in 1960 only 10% of men wore rings for their weddings. But as young as it may be, the tradition of men wedding rings has some facts that you need to be armed with.

When did it begin for men to wear rings?

Do you have pictures of married couples back in the 17th and 18th centuries? Look keenly into them and you will see only women had rings on their fingers. Men never used to wear rings back then. Rings were only given to women as proposal for marriage. It was not until the 20th century that men started to wear rings for engagement and marriage. This practice was popularized during the world wars when men put on the wedding rings to remember their wives and girlfriends back at home.

Then came the Korean War and this was the time when wedding rings for men acquired the romantic meaning as being a vow and commitment to love. The demand for rings ballooned and many of the designs you see today were hatched at around this time.

Customs attached to wearing of the ring

Wedding rings are always put on the ring finger. There is no any variance in culture relating to where the ring has to be worn. The finger is less active of all the rest thus preventing the ring from constant pressure as one uses their hands to work. However, when it comes to the hands, different cultures have different views and beliefs. Conventionally and as practiced by a majority of communities, the right hand is used to symbolize commitment and the acceptance to behold matrimony vow (as you may already know, right hand is widely used for taking oaths).

In some other quarters, the wedding bands go into the left hand. One of the reasons for this choice is that the vein associated with love-vena amoris- flows over the left hand. There is also a wide belief that the left hand is less active than the right and hence the ring will be less likely to have scratches and dents (but this is not true when it comes to left handed people).

How to select perfect rings for men

It is not every ring that will suit the needs for men; there are some crucial considerations to be made and it has been so since the beginning. Here are the factors considered before picking up a ring for a man;

  • Occupation: traditionally, men do harder jobs than ladies. Their rings had to be plain to prevent them from collecting dirt. They also had to be from the strongest metals to ensure that they could withstand constant exposure to forces as men did their jobs.
  • Type of metal: at first, silver was the most suitable metal for making men’s wedding bands. That was later to be replaced with tungsten and titanium, which were far better in terms of strength and malleability. The choice of metal was based on how long the ring would last. The strongest metal would last for years without even a single scratch and that is the kind of a ring every man wanted.
  • Designs: time has passed when men had to do tedious and dirty work. They can now sit in office for an entire day and only use their hands to type. Such a change has also impacted on the choice of rings they wear. They have moved from the plain pieces to more intricate rings. You will see all varieties of designs on men rings as it is now down to what one prefers as opposed to the past when the choice of a ring was dictated by inevitable circumstances.

Honestly, the history of men rings has come a long way. It has grown from a simple expression of love to a commitment symbol. There are more designs coming in everyday and that is not about to stop any time soon.

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Tungsten Rings are Bulletproof: True or False?

Tungsten Bulletproof

Not long ago, my friend of many years was finally getting married and he wanted me in every step of planning. He needed me to help him find the best ring (given that I was married years before). I will not bore you with the rest of the details but what I heard about tungsten rings kept resonating in my mind. Someone said that tungsten rings are bulletproof. Well, I did not know whether this was true or not but it really stirred my thinking and I had to find out the truth.

Whether it is true or not, the rings were virtually flying out of stock. But I’m sorry to disappoint you. Tungsten rings are not bulletproof. To be honest, there is a tempting edge for anyone to buy these kinds of rings but believing tungsten to be invincible is misleading. We ended up buying for my friend tungsten ring but not because it was bulletproof but because it was what he wanted for his matrimony vow.

Giving tungsten its due

Are you familiar with the phrase “giving the devil his due”? It is true that tungsten is the hardest metal in the world (you thought diamond is the hardest). It is the least likely to get a scratch or even a dent making it a top priority for anyone who wants to have a ring that will survive for years without a single scratch. There is a popular joke that a blockbuster would not break a tungsten ring after passing over it 100 times. As much as that might not be true, tungsten is hard enough to withstand pressure that no other metal may endure.

When other metals will bend and restrict blood flow on your finger after impact, a tungsten ring will stand the pressure or break leaving your finger safe. During emergency, tungsten rings will be easily cut with the appropriate equipment and you do not have anything to be afraid of. There is the popular myth that you cannot have tungsten ring cut but now you know better.

The Flaws in tungsten rings

There is never a thing or something without a negative side. Even angels have a dark side if you are religious. It so happens that the hardest metals have a flaw in that they are brittle. They are so strong yet they will break when massive force is applied on them. No wonder diamond can be cut and reshaped as one wishes. Your tungsten may not scratch when you drop it but will shatter when it hits hard on rough surfaces. If you have been keen, you may have heard of the name tungsten carbide. What this means is that carbon is added to tungsten to deal with the brittleness. Even though carbon does not make it shatter-free, this is something you should know as you make your purchase.

In most cases, your tungsten will not scratch after a fall on a hard surface. In some unfortunate cases it will shatter or break and you will need another one(knowing that it is not cheap to purchase another piece you will avoid such an outcome). Just for precaution, do not wear it as you hit your bathroom and you will have it for many years.

Buy a tungsten ring or not?

The ring you end up buying comes down to your preferences or at least what your fiancée wants before she says I do. But to be honest, tungsten rings have earned a place among the favorite choices. It is the strongest possible metal you will ever come across. It will only scratch or dent under massive pressure and that is worthy investing in. With all these unrivaled attributes you do not have any reason why you should invest in one of the tungsten rings. The flaws are negligible and way below the benefits that comes with a tungsten trinket. My friend is now married and he has the ring without any dent or scratch. He recounts how my help came in handy and I have his thanks even today.

Whether to buy it or not; I would counsel that you go for it. As long as you certify that it is the right quality, be assured you have a worth piece. Tungsten rings may not be bulletproof but there are so many positive attributes about them.

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