About Us

At Mens Rings we have a philosophy to bring you the best quality tungsten and titanium bands and wedding rings straight to you from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman meaning you get the best possible prices without compromising on quality.

While it may be the most personally and emotionally significant day of their lives, weddings can also be one of the most economically burdensome ventures that a bride and groom will face together.

The wedding day will pass and continue to live on in the memories of the participants and attendees, in videos and photo albums that will lie stacked neatly in shelves, pulled out only on anniversaries, if at all. One thing, though, will stay close to the bride and her groom every moment from the day of the wedding. The wedding ring. Because it has become an integral part of weddings as we know them now, many people are surprised to discover that the tradition of the groom’s wedding ring is less than a century old. However although most mens wedding rings are still less than half the price of the brides, we believe they are still too overpriced.

We believe in brining affordable wedding rings in contemporary metals like tungsten and titanium to you in a wide selection of styles and prices, and more over we are the only company in Australia that can and does make custom width and sizes at no extra cost. How do you feel if you had to pay more for a shoe or a tshirt because your size is an XL or XS? That’s exactly how we feel about jewellers charging more based on finger sizes. So what are you waiting for, go check out all our mens rings here today.