Well done to you on finding the best quality and prices on tungsten and titanium rings. We specialise in quality tungsten rings, and titanium rings as well as mens wedding rings and bands straight to you from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. Yes even jewellers buy direct from us so they can resell them. All our rings are made to order so you can choose any ring in any custom size or width for no extra.

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[box_section layout=”vertical” icon_theme=”truck” icon_size=”32″ color=”#000000″ circle_size=”0″ title=”FREE SHIPPING” class=”box-sections”]All our rings ship across Australia for free- there is no minimum order and all our rings come packaged in a stunning gift box so you are all set.[/box_section]
[box_section layout=”vertical” icon_theme=”phone” icon_size=”32″ color=”#000000″ circle_size=”0″ title=”TALK TO US ” class=”box-sections”]We are here to take your call- Before and after your purchase if you need us. We are here Central Time 9 am- 5 pm(Adelaide) on 08 7111 0891[/box_section]